Welcome To The Star Bright Pharmacy Loyalty Program

How To Earn Points/Rewards

For Every $1 you spend you earn 1 point.

Refer New Customers earn 200 points

If it's your Birthday earn 50 points

EVERY 100 Points Earns You $5 to use in store or at our participating retailers/vendors

Example: Todd referred his friend Brian to Star Bright Pharmacy. Brian comes in as a new customer & pays $60 for his medicine. Todd has now earned 200 points for referring Brian to our pharmacy.

The More You Shop The More You Earn

Shop in-store and earn rewards to use at popular retailers like Amazon, Target, Nike, and much more. Join the Star Bright Loyalty program!

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**Only in store purchases will count towards participation in the Star Bright Pharmacy Loyalty Program. (Online purchases are excluded) X014436400

**New customer must spend at least $20 in store to qualify as a new customer